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horse stable builder

Horse Stable Builder

Many people see their pets as part of the family, they treat them as equals and as such make sure that they are well looked after. Horses, despite being significantly larger than most pets, are no different and there are many horse stables and accessory’s to choose from when building your horse a new home.

There are different kinds of stables, including stable barns and full-sized buildings custom built to be stables. When fitting them out, options can include a full stable fit out with multiple horse stables feeding/water troughs, tie up rails, rotating feeders, stable vents, wash bays and doors.

When designing a new stable, or renovating an old barn to turn it into a new home for your horse, a horse stable builder offers a number of design options to choose from. Generally, horses should be outside as much as possible, however on the occasions when they do need to be housed; it should be in a safe, roomy environment which will keep them happy and healthy.

Windows add a source of natural light and easy ventilation, don’t keep your animals locked up in a windowless prison, that’s just cruel. If the horse will be spending a lot of time in the stable, like if its winter or you don’t want your prized racehorse mixing with the others, then the flooring needs to be easy to clean, maintain and also gentle on the horses hooves and legs.

The individual stalls can be built according to the recommended standards, or if you really like your animals to feel safe and have a bit of room to move then you can exceed the standard and build the stalls big enough for the horses to be comfortable. Horse stable builders are more than happy to accommodate.

Air quality is incredibly important in a closed environment, especially when animals are going to be locked in. The lack of ventilation is detrimental to the horse’s health and it will damage the structure in the long term, potentially inviting mould to form.

Lighting is also necessary, if you have windows that’s great; however if it’s an overcast day or night there needs to be an artificial alternative so the stable is well lit, to avoid tripping hazards and other safety concerns. A dark shadowy stable is not only creepy, but it’s also dangerous.

Alternatively, if you’ve only got a single horse, a full-sized stable might be impractical, so there are loafing sheds or run-ins as they are sometimes known. The small structures provide convenient and easy access for the horse to hide from the elements at its discretion. These are considered a more natural way of stabling horses because it allows them to roam free but gives them a place to go at night or if it’s cold.

Horse stable builders can help create a safe, stress-free environment for your horses and ensure that they remain happy and healthy for years to come. The experts for a budget well built horse stable are Aussie Horse Stables and Sheds. You can contact our friendly staff by clicking here to call 0433 900 461 or you can check us out on FB Here