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Steel Horse Stable Builder Melbourne

When it comes to steel horse stables no two projects are ever alike.  Dependant heavily on client needs, available area, weight distribution and of course budget finding just the right solution for you can be difficult.

Enter Aussie Horse Stables and Sheds. An expert Australian steel horse stable builder that specialize in determining exactly what you need and delivering exactly what you require, on time and on budget. We have lived and breathed horses for over 35 years and share your passion for these magnificent creatures. The horse’s safety and wellbeing are always at the forefront of our minds when it comes to the design and construction of our stables, shelters and wind breaks.

Steel Horse Stable Melbourne
Steel Horse Stable Melbourne Builder

We can provide a wide range of solutions for whatever you may require. From full stables, shelters, wind breaks, infills and even sheds no job is too big or small.

Our experience allows us to know all the ins and outs and problems that can often be experienced when building and structures for your horses. Our experts can help you with the highest level of advice and direction in order to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.

From initial concept to conception including end to end engineering and production, we cover all aspects of planning and construction to ensure you get a completely perfect end product that lives up to exactly what you had envisioned.  Our constructions are designed with functionality, practicality, beauty and as always, safety in mind. They say there’s no substitute for quality and experience and that’s exactly what you get with this 100% Aussie steel horse stable builder.

Melbourne Steel Horse Stable Builder
Steel Horse Stable Melbourne Builder

Feel free to contact us directly on 0433 900 461 with any questions or queries you may have. Our team of professional and friendly experts are always willing to help and provide advice on future projects to help you make a more informed and intelligent decision.  Give us a call today for a no obligation chat