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When it comes to choosing the right company from the sea of horse stable builders out there, there are several key criteria to consider.

Not all horse stable builders work to the same standards, especially when it comes to customised construction.  It is important to do your research.

The larger the job, the more complex it can be.  Like this job we recently completed in Wonga Park.  The owner of the property chose Aussie Horse Stables and Sheds because of our reputation as one of the best horse stable builders in Victoria.

There was a lot involved in creating this solution for them.  The actual construction job included five stables, all with back walls and doors leading out to day yards.  While the back has split tops on the doors to the back, the front sports sliding doors with bars.

Safety and protection are vital criteria when designing horse stables.  You need to know that these majestic creatures are kept safe and protected from all the elements and potential dangers that they can be exposed to.

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At Aussie Horse Stables and Sheds, we know horses.  They have been our livelihood and our passion for over 35 years, and we take pride in being able to provide the best stable solutions for horse owners across Victoria.

Not only is our work of the highest quality, but it also looks fantastic.  Our designs combine style and practicality, giving your horses a beautiful and exceptional home.

Not sure what is involved when enlisting the help of a construction company?  Our service and communication are two factors that set us apart from other companies.  We will work with you every step of the way to make sure your new structure is everything you hope it will be.  From planning to construction, you’re in good hands.

For more information, or an obligation-free chat, contact Aussie Horse Stables and Sheds today.

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